Pastor Oyedepo Gives Testimony On How One Of His Church Members Resurrected A Dead Guy Saying “In The Name Of The God Of Bishop David Oyedepo, Wake Up!”

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Some good comedy😂😂😂 – Why’s he shrieking tho😂😂 – I can’t believe people still fall for this hogwash?🙄 – The bishop should kindly tell us about the late Ms Imiefan Omokaro who allegedly drowned in a winners school pool in 2012 and Segun Michaels who also allegedly drowned within the covenant school premises in 2017, why couldn’t he resurrect them?🙄 google both their names and see what comes up. – Resurrecting strangers who we can’t verify, yet he can’t resurrect those within his own premises, please! 🙄 – #Repost @womenofthegodkind with @get_repost ・・・ Repost By rachaelcoker: We were told of this act of God by Bishop (@davidoyedepomin @davidoyedepomin @davidoyedepomin ) last Friday in service and we saw the pictures yesterday in church… My mind still full of Awe of God, He is in our midst, who else remains that is doubting the proof that there is a God!!! Hear how the dead came back to life! He was confirmed dead, injected and embalmed.. His brother called the sister, the sister called the WSF house provider who shouted no he can't be dead, they gathered themselves and prayed kingdom advancement prayers (imagine the prayer they were praying, instead of praying that the dead should rise, they were praying for souls into the Kingdom) then they hooked up to Covenant hour of prayer at Canaanland. She called the brother, go the mortuary, our brother is not dead.. He went, got there and met sympathizers, telling him he has been injected and embalmed, he is gone.. He was already wrapped up.. He went to him and whispered 'Jesus is here, get up' nothing seems to happen.. He whispered again into his ears ' The Jesus that Bishop Oyedepo serves is here, get up and the dead sneezed back to life and got up!!! He was dead but now ALIVE! Do you still doubt God? What He did before He is still doing today!!! He will do it for you! Just believe!!!!!! HALLELUYAH!!! MIRACLE WORKER, JESUS IS THE MIRACLE WORKER!!! #WOTGK #OfTheGodKind #MyNewDawn #OurNewDawn #JesusIsLORD !

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Bishop Oyedepo: "How My Church Member Resurrected A Dead Man". Daddy Freeze Reacts


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