Hundreds attend Beyonce mass at San Francisco church So it has now reached the level of seeing the super star as a supreme being as hundreds attended a church gathering themed Beyonce mass which held at San Fransico Cathedral.

People literally worshiped Beyonce at the gathering which was said to be a contemporary worship service that combines progressive theology and pop music.

The ‘mass’ was a traditional service that was devoted to Beyonce’s music and accomplishments and estimation of over 900 people came to the celebration.Hundreds attend Beyonce mass at San Francisco church

Worshippers sang along with Beyonce’s hits and explored her inspirational history, particularly how she “opens a window into the lives of the marginalized and forgotten — particularly black females,” as the church described on its website.

The Beyonce Mass was announced via a Facebook post two weeks ago and made local and international news.

This has however received reactions from social media users.