I'm not the king and i don’t know who the king of the street is, but I’m the Otunba – Slimcase

Slimcase broke into the Nigerian music industry, he didn’t only make himself renowned with his hit making music but he introduced the ‘Saint Sami Ganja‘ slang. he has been in the game for about 8 years but nothing was heard of him until last year when he released some hit songs.

The Oshozondi crooner who seems to be the most sought after artiste for the best street collaboration, has however pointed out that he might not be the king of street music, or may not even know who the rightful king is. But one thing is certain, he is definitely the Otunba of street music.

He said:-

“Street music didn’t start with me, it started long before me. I only came on the scene to add flavour to it. With street music came shaku shaku dance which started from the streets of Agege and Mushin.

Shaku shaku has been around for a while on the streets, but nobody paid attention to it and no one knew how to tap into a sound for the dance until I dropped the song titled ‘Oshozondi’, and showed them that they can vibe that dance to this song. It created a standard for them which showed that this sound really goes with the dance. It made me popular. I didn’t start the dance, my song created a platform for the dance,”

He explained

“No one has come out to say he’s the king of the street. I am the one who has come out to say I’m Otunba Lamba and the street accepted it like that because they enjoy my delivery. Street music is about slang (language) and I call my own lamba.”